Episode One - published April 11


Episode Two - set to release April 27


Episode Three - set to release April 27


Episode Four - set to publish May 4


Episode Five - set to release May 11


Episode Six - set to release May18

Episode Seven - set to release May 25



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This podcast has been funded 100% by me.  I want zero drownings! I want you to have a happy and safe summer I want you to learn to swim. To enjoy the water safely. 

E 1

Layers of Protection 

Episode 1: Water safety speaking on Layers of Protection.  Neva Nicole will go into the layers or protection. Talk about each one and share stories from her experience on the deck. 

Water Safety Tips

Episode 2- Water Safety Tips. Neva Nicole will over go over the most common Water Safety Tips, giving detailed explanation of each tip.  Sharing real life stories to drive these important safety tips home. 

E 2